MICRO-AID® Brings Value to Prime Feeders, Inc.

Dan and Carol Speichner, managers and joint owners of Prime Feeders, Inc., a 2,700 head feedlot by New Hampton, Iowa, noticed how much greater the ammonia gas and odor were with MICRO-AID® out of the ration then when they did have it in.

"We Fed MICRO-AID® through the summer of 2008 and took it out last winter due to economic reasons.  However, after coming home several evenings this spring and noticing the high ammonia and odor smell, as well as having a customer comment on the smell, we put MICRO-AID® back in this May and have noticed a reduction in odor ever since."

Odor-Bloc™ Cat Litter Deodorizer Proof of Performance

I have one cat with her litter box located in the laundry room. I change the litter box approximately every four (4) days or she will not use it.

On about May 15, 2004, I was asked by Distributors Processing, Inc. to test a new product designed to reduce ammonia levels and fecal odors in cat litter.

I started using Odor-Bloc™ Cat Litter Deodorizer at that time. I followed the directions and sprinkled approximately ½ cup of Odor- Bloc™ on top of the litter each time I changed it.

Odor-Bloc™ Cat Litter Deodorizer Proof of Performance

I have two cats in a smaller home. In the past, I would change the litter box and after about 3-5 days when I would walk in the house, I could always detect odors coming from the litter box. At that time I would clean the fecal material from the litter box and continue to use it for another 3 to 5 days before changing to new litter.

Around April 15, 2004, I was contacted by Distributors Processing, Inc. to see if I would be interested in trying a new product they had developed to reduce ammonia levels and fecal odors in cat litter.

Penetrate WATER. NUTRITION. GROWTH. (w.n.g.) is a completely organic, all-natural soil surfactant and plant growth promotant that is environmentally safe and non-toxic.

Pet owners often have to deal with the strong smells of ammonia and animal waste in the house or backyard. Odor-Bloc® from DPI GLOBAL is a blend of Odor-Bloc technology and natural absorbents proven to control fecal and urinary odors at their source.

MICRO-AID® from DPI GLOBAL is an all-natural, environmentally safe odor-eliminating product that has been proven to reduce ammonia and other noxious gasses, including sulfides and phenols, and serves as an aid in waste management.

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