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Use of Micro-Aid® in Turkeys

Micro-Aid® is an all-natural, environmentally-safe technology that has been successfully used in poultry feeding programs to maximize health and performance by creating a better environment, both internally and externally. The means by which Micro-Aid® elicits these environmental, performance, and health benefits starts enterically, where it functions to promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract environment.

Although research results have proven that Micro-Aid® is active against a broad-spectrum of bacteria that typically colonize the intestinal tract, the benefit from this dataset in poultry is that Micro-Aid® tends to exhibit greater activity against the more pathogenic species than the commensal species (i.e., a lower concentration of Micro-Aid® was needed to inhibit growth of the pathogenic bacteria),which would prove especially beneficial in poultry health, particularly during health challenge situations like coccidiosis, cochlosoma, etc. Furthermore, as the bird grows and matures, results from these research efforts support the impact Micro-Aid® has on the gastrointestinal tract environment to benefit colonization of indigenous bacteria and maintenance of a homeostatic population, allowing for optimum nutrient utilization, gut health, immune function and animal performance.

Great success with Micro-Aid® in the broiler sector of the poultry industry during the last many years makes it an ideal tool to position and promote to the turkey sector as well!

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